i'll make up a headline
a smahh gurl huh? b00tiful, smahh, indepandannn"
— Jack Kelly, Newsies. (via averyfunperson)
Mike Faist….like seriously…if we aren’t supposed to like Morris Delancey then why is Mike Faist so attractive?"
— A comment on the Ryan Steele 4 Prom Queen video (via beninepeoplesfavoritething)
You say something bad about Newsies and you have an awful lot if people to answer to."
— Christian Bale (via sheischasingdownadaydream)

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Newsies cast members’ reactions to Ryan Breslin’s pre-opening night rap

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This confirms my theory that Aaron Tveit looks like a golden retriever dog. 

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favourite songs: Newsies, “Something To Believe In”

We was never meant to meet, 
And then we meet, who knows why. 
One more stranger on the street.
Just someone sweet passin’ by. 

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